The Avalon Literary Review
Contributors Winter 2020
Paul Bamberger received an MFA Degree in English from the University of Massachusetts/Amherst and has had several books of poetry published, most recently, On The Badlands Of New Times, Deerbrook Editions Publishing in 2018. 

Robert Beveridge makes noise ( and writes poetry in Akron, OH. Recent/upcoming appearances in Collective Unrest, Cough Syrup, and Blood & Bourbon, among others.

In her next life, Lucy Blue hopes to be a dancer and in the one after that, a translator.  Whatever she is, she hopes to make people laugh.  Her work has been published in Bacopa Literary Review, Bluestem, Crab Creek Review and J Journal.

David A. Cohen is a retired reference librarian living with his wife and cat in a suburb of Philadelphia. He has taken up writing fiction only recently and is happy to have his first story, The Junk Peddler, published by The Avalon Literary Review.

Susan Duke is retired from teaching children with special needs. She enjoys reading, writing, morning walks and spending time with her husband, three children and two grandsons. When she’s not helping with the daily operation of her family’s self-storage business, she is busy researching little historical facts to include in her short stories. 

E. P. Fisher taught high school English in Uganda as a Peace Corps volunteer, and worked for 30 years as a play therapist and adventure-based counselor with special needs children. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Literature and a doctorate in Psychology.

Joyce Frauenholz’s hometown is in Pittsburgh, a ten-minute walk from downtown and its three rivers.  She lives with her husband, sister, and seven companion animals.  She’s written a couple dozen short stories she hopes to have published and is beginning work on a novel.  

Robert Funderburk was born by coal oil lamplight in a farmhouse near Liberty, MS. He is a graduate of LSU; was a SSgt USAFR; has had 17 novels published, 18 poems and 1 short story.  He lives with his wife, Barbara, on 50 acres of wilderness in Olive Branch, LA.

Philip Goldberg’s short stories have appeared in both literary and small press publications including The Chaffin Journal, Thrice Fiction, Foliate Oak, Straylight Literary Art Magazine, and Junto. Micro Fictions have appeared in Blink Ink and Starwheel. Three of his stories have appeared in “Best of” collections and one was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Warren Groeger, writing as G. W. Wayne, combines elements of personal and family history in his fiction. Chains was inspired by a child's decorative paper chain he saw ornamenting a friend's Christmas tree in 2018. It reminded him of one he had crafted for his grandmother’s tree in the 1950s. His novels, KT Rising, and Kati, Cara, and KT, may be seen on his website:

Sandra Kacher is from Minnesota.

Frank Kozusko is a retired U.S. Navy submarine officer and nuclear engineer. After the Navy, he spent 20 years as a university math professor. Third beat: writer. His work has been anthologized in Bubble Off-Plumb, The Twofer Compendium and Paradox: The Inner Circle Writers' Group Crime/Mystery/Thriller Anthology 2019.

Lauro Palomba has taught ESL and done stints as a freelance journalist and speechwriter. Approximately eighty of his poems and stories have appeared in American and Canadian literary journals.

Catherine Arturi Parilla is an academic, poet, and writer of short fiction. Her 2020 challenge is to complete her first novel. Staying connected to her readers is her deepest wish. She resides in NJ and RI.

Hugh Rogovy founded the Rogovy Foundation in 2015 after a successful career with Satori Software, which he co-founded in 1982. He holds a B.A. in Philosophy from Miami University. After living in Seattle then London for many years, Hugh now makes New York City his home, from where he shares a passion for travel and writing.

Sheila Ronsen is a psychotherapist/psychoanalyst in New York City. She has been a participant in the annual San Miguel Poetry Week. Her work has appeared in Main Street Rag, Poetica Magazine’s Mizmor Anthology, Picaroon Poetry and a forthcoming edition of Sin Fronteras.

HS Rouillier is a poet from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and attended Louisiana State University. He has plans to self-publish a collection of his early poems some time in 2020. You can find him online at until he gets it together and makes a real website.

Kevin Statham holds a BA in English from the University of Virginia. He has worked as a newspaper reporter and computer programmer. He currently resides near Austin, TX.
Alan Swyer is from California.

Daphne Vlachojannis née Anayiotos is a New York-qualified international human rights lawyer who has worked in London, Florence, Sarajevo, Brussels, and Kinshasa. In 2013 she settled in The Hague, where she lives with her husband and two children. Daphne is passionate about languages and creative writing. She is currently working on a short story about the three years she spent living and working in the DRC.