The Avalon Literary Review
About The Avalon Literary Review
The Avalon Literary Review is  dedicated to publishing noteworthy works of poetry, short fiction and personal essays.

As writers ourselves, we recognize the challenge of finding quality outlets for our work. As readers, we welcome the opportunity to discover and share the creations of other artists.

The Avalon Literary Review welcomes work from both published and unpublished writers and poets. We accept submissions of poetry, short fiction and personal essays. The author’s voice and point of view should be unique and clear. We seek pieces which spring from the author’s life and experiences. Submissions which explore both the sweet and bitter of life, with a touch of humor, are a good fit for our Review. While we appreciate the genres of fantasy, science fiction and horror, our magazine is not the forum for such work.  

Valerie Rubino, editor
Valerie Rubino is a published poet, short fiction writer and award-winning playwright. She has been the editor of numerous literary collections including Project 99Slam Dunk and Only on Thursday.